Blue Flower

 The workshop will be a forum for experimentation and discussion about the use of real-time interactive       systems - analogue and digital - in architectural design. These systems span from pencil and paper,       physical models making, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) environments to novel Human-Computer Interaction systems such as multimodal architectures. The common feature of digital environments is a strong user centric orientation which requires real-time processing of simulation aspects as well as input/output events according to perceptual constraints. Workshop will be the day of experiments in virtual reality, interactive design and testing of augmented reality as a design environment.


The problem is: “In what way do we design?” This workshop will concentrate on the early creative stages of the design process during which the designer gradually gathers the information about the problem, applying appropriate rules, tools and media. If the tools are chosen as a starting point of consideration, designing may be analysed as manual or digital. If we chose the medium - design may be considered as physical or virtual. The main thesis is that designing proceeds somewhere in between. “Somewhere in between” means the space where manual, digital, virtual are mixing, overlapping, and transforming one into the other. As a case study the process of designing of blurred function object is presented. In this experimental design studio we paid particular attention to the design process and we searched for the answer to the following questions: how to find an idea (what tools/media are helpful), how to express, fix and transform that idea?


We would like to explore three fields of design methods/media/tools at early design stages:

•Traditional designing

•Designing supported by the software (parametric design, scripting, …)

•Designing supported by the new hardware (3D scanning, 3D printing, …)


There will be CAVE (3 walls), 3D scanners and 3D printer available for workshop participants.